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You should never take more than you give.

In the circle of life. 

                                              ~Elton John 

At Amy Weisenburger and Associates, we believe that joy and fulfillment are found in giving, helping others, and making a contribution that impacts community, society, and the world. As such, we donate a portion of all proceeds to nonprofits and charitable organizations including ASPCA, Orphans of the Storm Illinois, PETA, and Best Friends Animal Society.   

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2020 hit and companies, communities, and families were pushed fully into digital.

It was a disruptive push for most, and while some of the “messiness” continues to grow, it also evolves. 


Many businesses are now beginning to recognize efficiencies via reduced overhead and streamlined communication channels. The long term impact on customer experience remains to be seen, however.


As for the marketplace of today, it is now-more-than-ever overcrowded with messaging, apps, influencers, brands, wanna-be brands, and just about everyone vying for consumers’ attention.

It is hard to know what is real and what is not real; what is fact and what is fiction. 

So what do you do?  

Align a solid strategy to your core audience, artfully differentiated from your competitors with cutting-edge creative pumping out via every digital and traditional channel 24/7.

Don't forget about the engagement as this is what drives all of social expansion as well as building a community to fuel user-generated content as this is what's trending right now. 


Okay, thats ideal and exists in a perfect world. However, not-so-much in the pivotal landscapes we are experiencing today with lean resources and tremendous unknowns. 



We look at a brand holistically,

and make smart and informed decisions based on what is right for the brand, the people behind the brand, and the customers and communities they serve.  


This is what we do, what we have always done, and what we're about. 


Not every business needs to be active on every channel.

Not all brands can survive the potential damage a fast-fix lead generation funnel can create.


So let's do what is right for your brand, what your customers will appreciate, and what makes sense for your budget.


Each Client is unique

with unique needs.


We honor that.   


With a small core team and 

a big network of

extraordinary colleagues,

Amy Weisenburger & Associates

scales with the individual needs

of each client, and always with

CMO ownership and accountability.



Our capabilities span the full marketing spectrum from creative brand building to tech-heavy CRM implementation and automation.


Strategic expansion, GTM, Product Launch, and Brand Evolution are the primary drivers of how we help our clients evolve their communication, drive engagement, and create sustainable revenue.


Additional disciplines that fuel the above include; graphic design, copywriting, user-generated content, digital channel build, public relations, and more. Available as

ấ la carte services to clients.   


We serve businesses and brands

of all shapes and sizes

throughout the U.S.,

and are geographically

based in

Chicago, IL and Cleveland, OH.

Amy Weisenburger & Associates

We look at a brand holistically, and make smart and informed recommendations based on what is right for the brand, the people behind the brand, and the customers and communities they serve.

Amy Weisenburger & Associates LLC


91 Restaurant Group, Canton Ohio
David Williams and Associates, Alliance Ohio
QuantumFBI, New York, NY
Marketing and communications for healthcare 2023
Crown Imports, Chicago IL
Wencel Worldwide, Chicago IL
TateandLyle, Chicago IL
Cappital, Irvine CA

The success rate that I have experienced with Amy Weisenburger is unprecedented compared to any other decision maker I have had the pleasure of working with. 

Over the last year and half with Crown Imports we have set record-high-increases with every promotion that we executed. In fact, this January with Amy’s guidance we grew the Crown Import brands 197%. 

~ Jim G., National Account Manager, Crown Imports, Chicago Illinois

Amy does a fabulous job directing our marketing for our four unit restaurant group. She is intelligent, enthusiastic and on the ball!

Amy G., Owner 91 Restaurant Group, Canton Ohio

Amy’s team created my business website, logos, menus, and more in record turnaround time.
I sent Amy an email and her team got to work immediately to bring my business to life.


The quality of work was outstanding and I received multiple compliments from my customers! I can not give her team enough stars!

 ~ Melvin R., Restaurant Owner & Operator, Chicago Illinois

Amy is a true professional. She added great value and provided strategic direction for our marketing team and efforts.

Our message now has greater clarity and focus. I look forward to working together again in the future.

~ Hector P., Founder & CEO, QuantumFBI, New York, New York 

Amy created the perfect solution with a mix of brand development and go-to-market launch for the new mobile APP and lifestyle brand.

~ Larry M., CEO McAdams Group, Irvine California

Amy is a results-driven individual who quickly grasps the strategic scope of an effort - from beginning to end and executes against it.

Amy's strategy and implementation plan was spot on; comprehensive, detailed, and successfully executable.

 ~ Tom R., Keyser Group Executive, Chicago Illinois


Image by Andrew Liu
Social Media Management for Restaurants 2023
Marketing for restaurants 2023
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